Social impact objectives

To achieve our mission ‘To improve the lives of people living & working in Cumbria’, everything we do must be aligned to a minimum of one of our two areas of focus: education and training, and social justice; and additionally align to at least one of our six social objectives below.

Our two areas of focus

Education and training
Providing greater opportunities and access to education and training for people living and working in Cumbria
Social justice
Providing people in Cumbria where the need is the greatest with greater opportunity to enable and empower them into meaningful employment.

Our six social impact objectives

1. Support the development of a trained and capable local workforce
2. Retain local skills and talents
3. Help minimise and mitigate specific, local industry lifecycle threats to employment levels in the area
4. Provide employment opportunities for long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged groups
5. Contribute to the long-term social and economic development of Cumbria
6. Support local businesses to resource robustly to undertake work for key clients.